Ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) technology and applications are our business.

With our comprehensive range of products, and services from UHP pump technology, systems, and integrated solutions, we connect SHAPE customers to critical manufacturing applications.

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UHP Pumps and Components

Material Processing Systems

Process Automation ȤƵ

Customer Focus

Whether we’re designing subsystems and components, or deploying software solutions, or delivering advanced automated systems we know that every journey begins with the customer.


Our advanced process solutions help solve challenging manufacturing needs. Share your requirements with us and we’ll guide you to the best solution.


Advanced materials processing solutions for industries that demand the highest engineering standards.


Portioning, high pressure pascalization, and cold-pressing capabilities for the food industry.


Processing advanced lightweighting materials with the accuracy and precision for space applications.


High throughput production solutions and intricate designs while limiting waste in architecture and construction.


High resolution cutting and milling for microelectronics and glass.


Production and preparation of materials used in mass transit where reliability and quality is critical.


Contributing to the construction and manufacture of renewable energy sources such as wind turbines.


Waterjet processing systems and basic automation across a broad range of manufacturing applications.


Robotic solutions for automotive lightweighting, material processing, and high throughput environments.

Our solutions always begin with an understanding of our customers.

Leveraging our deep intellectual properties and applications we provide the right solutions to match the customer’s needs.

Working in collaboration with our customers we identify your needs to improve efficiency, productivity, and cost savings.

Partners for Life

We are with you every step of the way, providing the highest quality support for the lifecycle of our products.

SHAPE customers have access to the full support of our applications, expertise, product monitoring, predictable maintenance, and customer training resources.